Comfrey Magic!

Anna's Comfrey Cream has to be the best I have used in all my years of nursing practice.
I am a registered nurse & have dealt with many problems with people & animals particularly horses
regarding injuries & wounds.
There are numerous occasions that come to mind regarding treatment with Comfrey.
For me it does stand out above most other products on the market today because of its wide range of uses.
Anna's Comfrey Cream is an extremely safe product to use on any wounds that are open,
it has fantastic healing results & also simple to use.
There is absolutely nothing you could not use it for and I personally believe there is no substitute for
this product.
For healing wounds such as granulation tissue it is particularly outstanding with no damage unlike most
other more severe products.
It has been a great advantage to me over the years & being a nurse has helped to understand the value
of Comfrey.
Don't look any further - treat yourself / hope you have left the BEST till last !
Never be without it - You will never be disappointed.

Nola Pye,
Waiuku, NZ

Knit Bone

My Race-horse was diagnosed with a hair line fracture of the cannon bone, and I used
Anna's Comfrey Cream for the healing.
I massaged Anna's Comfrey Cream into that area twice a day for 6 weeks, then once a day for a month.
After 6 weeks, the vet re-x-rayed and was amazed at the results of the healing.
He was impressed with the fast healing & brilliant knitting of the bone.
My horse was back in race training with-in a month and has had no unsoundness since.

Donna Coutts
Pukekohe NZ

Tattoo Healing

I recently had a tattoo done on my shoulder, on a Tuesday.
I used Anna's Comfrey Cream, instead of the recommended Bepanthen Cream.
When I went back to the studio on the Friday, the artist said it was the quickest he had seen any tattoo heal.
I thoroughly recommend Anna's Comfrey Cream.

Stephen Murdoch
Ardmore, NZ


Psoriasis Relief

I suffer from Psoriasis mainly on the legs,
After using Anna's Comfrey Cream daily for two weeks it greatly reduced the red inflammation as you can see in the pics.
The most noticeable benefit was the almost instant relief from the unbearable irritation and itching that comes with Psoriasis.
Most psoriasis treatments are only available in ointments which are sticky, so being a cream is an extra bonus.
A definite fast soothing effect that lets you get on with your day!

Pukekohe, NZ


All Injuries & Cuts

Geoff & Aria Small have been using Annas Comfrey Cream for several years.
We use it on all our horses injuries and cuts and have found it to be a successful part of our operation.

Aria Small
Zenola Farms - Geoff Small Racing Stables

Insect bite Relief

Anna's Comfrey cream helped start the healing of our horses fly bitten belly,
took away the swelling and the and the itch , it has made a huge difference to his comfort .
It cleared him up in 2 days.

Malcolm Barnwell
Oak Meadow Ranch LLc
Woodside, CA.

Sprained Ankle

I just have to say Thank you for your comfrey cream.
I very severely sprained my ankle yesterday and have been using the cream regularly since.
Theres been no bruising (last time it was black by this stage) and the swelling has almost already gone.
I can also walk on it again too. This cream is absolutely amazing !
& The big scars on my horses fetlocks where she's been kicking herself have almost gone completely after a week of using it once a day.
I actually have to hunt for them now to find where I need to put the cream. Im so happy with the results!

Laura Moor

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